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[Last data reset test: 19/07/2017]

1) A rough trading model has been established but it's still in the works. I'll be ironing out bugs when I find them. Total value is not expected to display yet. Sorry if this is an inconvenience to your trading!

2) Equipping is currently not a completed system, and is therefore not compatible with the rest of the code. There is no saved data for equipped items, and so errors will occur with it. They will be fixed with time. One example if it not being in a system (and instead isolated pieces of code) is when you complete a trade, if you lose items, you keep them equipped. This is due to the way I intend to handle equipped items in the future. Again, sorry if it's an inconvenience; it'll be fixed with time.

3) The GUI is expected to work, and if you find any errors with the way it functions please let me know. The only errors not worth noting are ones I've mentioned up above.

4) Titles are a WIP. If you believe you should have a title and 

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