"Can you survive?"

*  *  *
I do not claim any of the art used in this game.
The drawings used in this game belong to their rightful owners. If I use anything that isn't mine, know that I am NOT trying to take credit for it.
*  *  *
~R U L E S~

1. No godmodding; being overpowered and having godly weapons.

2. No insulting any of my friends/admins. Some of the admins suffer from depression or are short tempered.

3. Don't be rude! You may insult the character, but not the roleplayer.
4. Please, keep your RPs PG-14!

5. No asking for admin, it can get really annoying.

6. If a admin tells you to do something, you do it.

  Obey the following rules and you'll be good. Break one of these and I'll let you off with a warning. Three warnings result in a                       permanent ban. But if you insult a admin, they have the right to      ban you.
* * *
A D M I N S:
Tbh, I actually don't remember who I made admin.. but most admins are people I've added...sorry

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