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The Infamous Hotel is a Mafia-Themed Hotel. Make sure to join our Server for Events, Announcements, and Development Updates.


-🎵Listen to Our Custom Playlist of Jazz, Piano, And Hip-Hop Beats.

-🛒Earn or Buy Cash to Purchase Unique Items in The Shop.

-🏨Check Into Your Own Hotel Room For Free!

-💼Become a VIP Member And Enjoy The VIP Suites, VIP Lounge, and Pool Lounge.

-🙂The Choice is Yours in The Infamous Hotel. 


ReturningGod - Building - Thumbnails
WoifEyes - Scripting - Animations - UI
Cute_CupCakeMm - Game Icon

Minor exploits are not particularly welcomed, but as long as you don't break my game, you won't be banned.

Whacks Invalid. 
[All In-Game Beverages Are Juice]


There are currently no running experiences.