Survive in the bunker and try not to get hit by the nuk- I mean prize!
Models are not made by me because this is just an entire joke that I made and why would I spend time working on my own things and get noticed for it when I can steal other's hard work for free!!!
It's not like I put no effort at all in this and instead of watching roblox videos and learning how to build myself I picked up other people's hard work and called it my own.
You know what maybe I'll just make roblox vids clickbaiting little kids who don't know any better into watching my cringy videos and making other people of my kind ashamed of me while also scamming kids out of their accounts so I can get fake money on a site that won't benefit me unless I get devex which is pretty sad I mean c'mon wouldn't you feel a little sympathy for me? Afterall I am making games on a site that has kids talking about toys made for kids with serious problems and using it as "entertainment" while getting famous for it.
And let's 

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