This update will take long, we plan to add multiple things:
Flame, Water, Akaza etc. (all styles/arts up until Hantengu)
Arc expansion up to Hantengu
Enhanced Senses
+ more

We'll bring you an even more fun experience soon. Please be patient, thanks!

Current level cap: 1,900

Instructors spawn every 30 hour everyday, 20 minutes every weekends.

PC ONLY (other devices will be supported later)

Choose your power and use it to become the strongest demon slayer, or perhaps a demon? Gather your companions and fight against stronger opponents, be an unstoppable beast! 

A game where the story follows the original arc and plans to expand it throughout, interesting gameplay, and limitless worlds to explore!


Exploiting will result in a data reset, 2nd offense would permanently ban you. Never cheat and play fair.

⚠ High graphics
⚠ Pay attention to the controls, this game has somewhat hard difficulty.


There are currently no running experiences.