Roblox Developer Dream Jam

Welcome to Demon’s Card! 

This game has been inspired by "Inscryption" and "Legends of Runeterra".

To play press the UI at the left, by pressing “Rooms” you can play with other players, by pressing the “Adventure” button you can go on an adventure in an open world.

The game makes you random cards from a set pool. To use some strong cards you will have to sacrifice others. One side is the defender while the other is the attacker, which switches at the end of every turn. After the attacker puts down their card and presses the bell, it’s the other player’s turn. 

You win by filling your own bar.

Note: Only flying cards can hit flying cards.

    Scripters: ArawnVinheim, AraxiaVinheim
    Builders/Modelers: MaestroVinheim, blendedrival
    UI Designer: furuyaa


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