We were trapped for days and days underground in the mines. We finally escaped. When we went into the cave the area was like a swamp. But when we came out of it.... all we saw was a wasteland. something caused a huge mass effect on the biome. And we think that something also had to do with the extreme evolution rate of the insects, arachnids, and crusteceans. From what we saw in the mines we have a pretty good idea what might have done this. We thought there were no hostiles in the area... but lets just say even the water isn't a safe place to be.

V.I.P: Credit goes to spider1034 for his tools, and inspiration of the game series and anybody else who helped or gave ideas.. The KOs and WOs save so if you unlock everything, you won't lose it if you leave and come back. If you teleport and don't morph just reset and retry its an uncommon glitch.

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