🔨 Latest Update: V2.7.4 🎃
- Halloween Theme
- Fixed Floating Roads
- New Halloween Lighting
- New Base Sign
- Change School Fonts

👋 Welcome to STL's Bus Simulator! This is a public game where you can drive different type of buses! This game is open to everyone to play. 

📍 We focus in the state of Georgia, but specifically the county of Cherokee & the City of Canton.

⚠️ Please note, this game is not meant for low end devices. If you're running Canton with a low end device, please do not expect to be lag free.

❤️ Here at STL we take pride in our community & our games. We appreciate everyone who stops by & plays Canton.

❗️Message from the Possessors, we can't thank our developers enough for helping with Canton. You guys are literally the best, thank you for what you do. Our game supporters you hold a special place too. Without you we wouldn't be who we are today. It's STL forever!!

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