Equip your vacuum cleaner to suck up the parts!
Save your experience and buy tools.
Use your experience to create disasters!
The intensity of the disasters can be adjusted in 100 levels.
Try to survive, and if you survive, you will earn lots of experience!
❤Premium members get double the experience!

🌊 Disaster 🌊
Fire, meteorite, earthquake, tornado, fire whirlwind, flood, typhoon, tsunami, lightning, missile, UFO, zombie, monster, zero gravity, black hole, volcano, rotation, etc.

✈ Map ✈
Villages, castles, amusement parks, resort islands, fishing villages, schools, hotels, orbies, etc. Over 30 types.
For more than 2 people, switching will be by majority vote.

Vacuum cleaners, time bombs, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, fire extinguishers, etc.
All of these items are experienced.

⚠ Warning⚠ 
If you feel the game is slowing down, vacuum up the parts.


There are currently no running experiences.