🌈 Welcome to the Ultaverse™ from Ulta Beauty, explore our dome, learn about beauty, and customize your avatar with looks and hairstyles ✨✨✨

💥 NEW MINI-GAME: Complete our Beauty Sprint to unlock new free UGC-items!
After getting them, enjoy them in all Roblox experiences. 💖
Don't forget to grab your sunscreen to go play outside the dome 🌤️

🌠 UGC items now available in the Avatar Shop, search for "Ulta Beauty".
🏁 Try at least one hair style and one makeup in our salons, grab your sunscreen and get ready to play outside!
🛍 Collect Ulta Beauty Gift Bags to unlock in game looks and hairstyles.
💄 Style your avatar with our beauty experts!
🌏 Explore our world to find them all.
📚 Play and learn about beauty in our discovery dome!  

🔎 New things are coming 😱. Don't forget to follow us to be up to date on next updates!

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There are currently no running experiences.