Yes! I finally made curled minds! The game isn't yet ready for public games or raids. Also the Things say Axis and Allies because I made that the first ones, but I changed it to killers and savers but forgot to change them. But other than that, Play! Updates: Everything :o
Game Administrators: ILikePieeiPekiLI, HelperDudeXD. 
To apply for an admin slot, You have to pay a monthly 10,000RBX$. And if daily, 5k. Why so much? Well I need rich ROBLOXians for a month long trial of admin training. the 5k one doesn't yet have training imports, so yeah. You must be patient, and I make it 1 month because you would get your admin taken and no refunds for if you abuse. I added a script for the people to know to report it to me.

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