Update 8/17:
The final level (unless some miracle happens) has been uploaded.

Updates for last month:
Players who are in the group "KPB Studios" will receive a free knife for self-defense purposes.
Bunny-hopping is now possible in GM_VoidSpaces to gain more momentum.
Added 2 new levels: GM_VoidSpaces, McDonald's
Added NextBots from the Backrooms GMod videos (Includes Obunga, Selene, Sanic, Saul G. and more, exclusive to GM_VoidSpaces at the moment)

It was not fun while it lasted. This is not my fault. The creator of the program I used to port GMod maps to ROBLOX shut it down. I've already tried. I'm sorry.

Egglord is the man to whom all map credit for the main game belongs. His maps are on the GMod workshop. Credit goes to the other users who created the other GMod maps seen in this game. If you happen to be a creator of one of the maps seen in this game and want me to take it down, I will do so.


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