Update 6/25:
Fixed the bug where players were being mistakenly banned for just joining the game. This was because I integrated code to stop people from injecting exploits. I did not know it would backfire this badly. Blame the person who made the code, not me. Everyone who was "banned" is now unbanned.

This is still The Backrooms (K. Pixels). I just changed the name was all, for the sake of clarifying that the maps in this game are from GMod and that they can be found in the GMod workshop.

This map is based off of the Backrooms Found Footage video created by a certain talented CGI artist. This is a low-budget game and I am its only developer, so don't expect anything good. The only other help I have are from 2 other friends.

Egglord is the man to whom all map credit for the main game belongs. His maps are on the GMod workshop.


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