[!] Game too dark at night? Open your Options and turn off the Post Effects setting.
[!] Looking to paint your car? Drive into the garages at the spawn dealership!

Latest update
+ New XTS, and 3 Series.
* Fixed ALL the car tunes, no more unrealistic top speeds, or flipping!
+ New Gamepass! Extra Vehicle Storage. Buying it will let you have 4 more cars!
* Fix Drive to Earn messages saying you were going too fast when not moving at all
* Slight adjustment to top bar UI
* Vehicle UI is now scrollable, alleviating some issues 4:3 users had
* In-game store should work without joining a new server now (unsure of this one).
* Potential locking fix (unsure of this one).

[!] By playing, you agree that the game is incomplete and some core mechanics and shop listings are subject to change.
[!] If you experience issues, see our social media links below and report the issue there.

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