Greenville is an experience about driving around the town, meeting new friends, and roleplaying. Choose from an absolutely massive variety of vehicles and meet new people!

+ Trees have changed colors! The fall season has now dawned in Greenville! 
+ Added Dynamic Clouds
- Includes a random rotation of Sunny, Cloudy, and Overcast!
+ Added a new gauge style for PC/Xbox players called Dynamic
+ Redid the entire GVPS area!
+ Added a new completely remade Gary's Collision & Restoration building!
+ Refreshed the Hunty's Pizza Palace interior
+ 300+ new alternative vanity plate styles!
+ Added 46 new cars!
- Includes 2 Limited cars! Offsale at 10/3 at 12 AM CST!
+ Adaptive cruise control is now on cars that have it equipped! 
* Fixed more car bugs 

⚠ Running into problems? Shoot us a message at one of our social links below with the details, and we'll do our best to help you.


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