Update 2.5
- Added partial controller support*
  X: Claim quest / interact
  Y: Toggle area lock
  LB: Equip best pets
  RB: Auto-hatch
  D-pad right: Toggle generator
  L/R Trigger: Previous/next generator egg
*Some menus will still require mouse/keyboard input
- Keyboard: Added 'Z' hotkey to select next generator egg
- Removed Egg Luck quests
- Use code: SticksAndStonesAndLevers

Use code: FirstCodeEver

Collect All Pets! is a pet simulator game! Hatch eggs, and fuse them into higher rarity pets! Collect Legendary and Mythical pets!

🐥 Hatch eggs to get new pets!
🐺 Fuse pets into higher rarity pets!
🦄 Collect over 200 unique pets!
🌲 Unlock areas with new upgrades!
📜 Complete quests and unlock badges!


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