Closed due to inactivity, will open up later.

This is a tech demo for the next Nerf FPS game, Nerf FPS 2018. This means that the game is not done, at all. It isn't even a game, it is a pre-release tech demo so we can test out the game at it's earliest stage with other players to make the game the best it can be in a balanced way. 

There are going to be tons of bugs/glitches so this is why we need to have players testing the game. The reason why this is paid access is to have legit players to test the game and give legitimate feedback to the developers instead of having this open to a bunch of new players who give the game bad reception for not being done. We will update this game constantly while you people are giving us feedback and suggestions.

We would appreciate it if you guys gave a thumbs up to give this game a like even though it's not done. We have a bright future ahead for this game and a lot of plans to fix and finish the game the way it was meant to. 


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