Frontline: Karelia 40 - 44 is a game that aims to depict the lesser known battles of Winter & Continuation war between Finland & Russia as part of WWII.  Capture all of the points, or drain all of your opponent's reinforcement points to win. Increase rank, unlock better weapons, and end this war once and for all.
For Dev-Logs, join us.
- 10 % XP BONUS if you are a group member !
- 10 % XP BONUS if you are a premium member !

V - Melee hit / Toggle
B / N - Change team / class
F - Build
P - Mute Music
T - Highlight objectives
F8 / F10  - Options / Infos
G - Fire selection

This game uses assets found on the CATALOG & TOOLBOX, please, if you are against your assets being used in this game, let me know by direct messaging me.
This game would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the following members & artist in the community or those who sold me the commercial rights:
- Evy24
- Bubba808
- Mossy
- Tassigny
- Hornets
- Gadadgo
- Hofi


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