Interactive Intimate is a sandbox-beat-up the dummy game. You were offered a job to run tests on a dummy they named "Buddy" to test its durability, strengths, weaknesses, blah blah blah. You actually lost your to-do list on the way to the location. This means all that you can do is what you want to, the way you want to do it.

Your employer has provided you with a few different types of items to use on Buddy. First off, your tools. Select between the 3 categories, Melee, Range, and Explosive (Range and Explosive coming soon). Use these to interact with Buddy. Go crazy.

Next up, they provided you with cosmetics to equip to Buddy. While these change up his look, they also have an effect on how he'll react to tools. He might get knocked back much further, or become a lot more durable against them. There's only one way to find out all the different possibilities.

Your employer looks forward to seeing the research you obtain in your experiments, and wishes you well!


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