Mikestorm asked me to host this place for the future.  He says: "This map is made fun with the help Malvaviscos's products and human ingenuity. Say "ding" to regenerate everything and fix most things. There is a 25% chance you will get infected. If that happens go find the blue building to find the healing pad that converts you back into a human. To fly the helicopter, press "y" and then click and hold to fly. To hover, simply stop clicking. For the laser rifle, press "q" to zoom in on where your mouse is pointed. To set the red matter bomb on the back of the car, use the arrows to set the time and the red button to start the count down. Be sure to do this before getting into the car or else you won't be able to click the buttons! The wooden boards on the little wooden houses are breakable, just run into them twice if the first time doesn't work and push through the boards. The electric fences will kill you so be careful! To activate the Helix the ally, go to the corner of the map..."

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