We now present to you our latest game Da Piece! Sail the seas searching for treasure, and getting stronger with your friends. Will you falter through the seas, or will your journey be a breeze? Covering the mysteries will not be an ease. Do you have what it takes to become the strongest pirate? Or maybe you want to put bad guys away! All of this is accomplishable in Da Piece!

> Fruits Spawn Every 1 Hour
> Haki books come from treasure chests
> There are 10 Fruits! (More on the way)

> Thunder Fruit Rework!
> New Island! {Hidden in the Sky!}
> New Boss! 
> New Race Boosts!
> New Races!
> 2 New Enemies!
> Bug Fixes!

Game Mechanics:
> Press 'Q' To Dash
> Press 'Spacebar' To Use Geppo
> Press 'H' To Use Hao
> Press 'K' To Use Ken
> Press 'B' To Use Buso


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