Game auto shutdowns to prevent lag every 3 hours. (The timer is set up so you won't miss out on an item spawning though)

Q Charge energy(Only useful when you get things that need energy)

E Punch Key

R Block Key

H Hamon Key(Currently to get Hamon all you have to do is get 
level 25, this will not be how you get it in the final game)

Other Skills:
-Press J StingyEyes(lvl45Vampire)/ZoomPunch(HamonUser+NoviceHamonUser)
-Press K Level70:Freeze((Vampire/SunSetOverDrive(HamonUser+HamonMaster)

G Stand Key(Get by obtaining a badly made arrow will spawn in which you can use to awaken your stand)

Other Info:
Stone Mask(To become a vampire):Has a 1/15 chance to spawn every 30 mins.
Arrow:Has a 1/2 chance to spawn every 25 mins.
Rokakaka Fruit:Has a 1/10 chance to spawn every 30 mins.
All of them can de-spawn if not picked up in time
Once you obtain a stand at the bottom right you can change your stand settings, be careful you can only set each setting once.

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This game does not support VIP Servers.


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