Welcome to Fairy Tail Dragon's Legacy! This game is based on the Anime: Fairy Tail. Spin for your magics, level up, magic battle other players, complete quests, participate in the Grand Magic Games to win big prizes and much more! If you have any questions, message me or any of the admins. Join our group for 3 free Rolls and information about game changes and updates! Group Link: Want to join our Community Chat? > ##### ###### ##### Windy Games Community: dchKe5c >Twitter< spinywind: @spinywindd Fire: - Fire Ball - Press Q to use - Shoots a flaming ball that will explode on impact and damage any nearby players Movement: - Super Jump - Press T to use - Repels you higher into the air Sprint - Press Left CTRL to use Note: This game is in very early progress. It is no where near completion. Expect a ton of new content and updates on your way!

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