The game is in beta but still needs enough polishes to be visually appealing and understandable, also needs balancing. So you are expected to experience a lot of shutdowns for experimental changes (whenever the game gets updated)

(Ingame Tutorial soon as well as making the UI less confusing and more attractive)
Twitter: @DevRolve #RBLXRobber

A group of people are selected as robbers while the rest plays as guards.

The robbers have to do their objective and escape.

While the guards have to protect the objective by killing all the robbers or waiting till dawn

The guards can spot the robber by using the E key or damaging them which alerts the SWAT (i.e. dead guards who will respawn after a set amount of time)

Started as a 1-week game jam based on concepts by mightybaseplate and now it's an official game

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