[Game most likely wont be updated anymore.]

Fixed UI
Fixed Mobile Shift Lock
Added Free Skips

☁️ This is a difficulty chart obby with a very long leg. It's extremely challenging, and nothing like you've seen before.

⭐Liking and favoriting the game gives us motivation to keep working on the game. ⭐

📜 Scripter: Nistrict
🔨 Builder: Renssur

Tags: Obby, Parkour, Obstacle Course, Parkour, Parkour Obby, Rainbow, Tower, Adventure, Escape, Long Obby, Big Obby, Leg Obby, New Obby, Longest Obby, Short Obby, Fun, Easy, Easy Obby, Fun Obby, Parkour Obby, Challenge, Hardest Challenge, Dangerous Obby, Obstacle Course, Rainbow, Scary, Spooky, Scary Obby, Platformer Obby, Spooky Obby


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