🎉🎉 UPDATE 1! 🎉🎉
🤖 Cyber World!
💪 Rebirth Ranks! (Gain more souls and gems by leveling up)
🐰 Limited time "Easter Egg"!
🦔 New limited time pets!
⚔️ 4 new weapons!
🎒 4 new storages!
✅ Bug and balance patches!

⚔️ Battle your way through mobs, sell their souls to builderman, hatch some amazing pets, and try to hatch some of the worlds most forgotten secret pets!

Use code: "thanks1k" for 20 minutes of damage boost!
Use code: "update1" for 10 minutes of auto sell!
👍 Next update at 2,000 likes!

🦊 Join Polybit & Noratic for an exclusive pet!

🐦 Follow us on twitter for codes: @Avionicly, @ThousandSham, @Myst_Arii, @DeveloperSawcy

💟 Revised version of our old game.. brought to you by Team Polybit!
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