🔴 Please be sure to read this:
I'm releasing the game to let as many people as possible know what kind of game it is, But the game is still in beta and has many noticeable bugs and still lacks content as a game.

April Fool's Day Update (1.5.4)
> A limited material
> A limited amulet skin
> A limited mount skin
> 3 new achievements
Please check in-game for more information

Welcome to Spirit Defenders!
Spirit Defenders is a tower defense game with many adorable characters.

What makes it different from other tower defense games?

💸❌Free to Play: Gamepasses can be obtained through gameplay without using Robux. (After the beta period).

🦋Non-humanoid Entity: Are you tired of seeing copies of dummy towers? There are no dummy entities in this game.

✨Unique system: To further distinguish ourselves from other games, we will continue to add more and more unique systems through various updates.

Tower Defense


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