🔟 Drop the Number is a fun, addictive match & merge game! Strategize as numbers continuously spawn from above. Once a block reaches the red line, it's game over. How far can you go?

🏆 Got what it takes to be the best? Check out our top 1000 global leaderboard and try competing against others to become the best player!

✨ Think you can be an experienced player? Grind for rank experience as you continue to play and reach further ranks! You're able to show off your rank to other players in the game's chat!

🌟 Private servers are completely FREE! Experience the game uninterrupted, and chill with friends without spending a single dime.

🎮 This game is compatible with desktop, phone, tablet, and console devices!

🎁 Want to catch a x1.25 EXP boost? Join this group!

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