!! Warning !!
 This experience is still under development and may have bugs going on.
This experience contains "Full-bright Flashing light" and many more such as altered vision, migraine and convulsion and make sure you don't have these symptoms'.

:: Intro ::
Welcome to Sakura stand
This game is based on the manga and anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
The gameplay in Sakura Stand follows the most basic fighting and farming simulator games and also has mobile support, for mobile players.

:: Facts ::
This game is revamped from the old "Sakura Stand" with a completely new look
The Moderator can be easily found in public servers, they sometimes will abuse commands in-game.
This game is might have delayed updates due to us only having a single main developer.

Thanks for playing and hope you enjoy our experience!

Update logs:
- WS
- Quality of life
- Bug fixes

Current Version: Beta Test vB 0.07.0


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