⚠️This is a fighting game, randoming doesn't exist.⚠️

[You have been invited to this facility to create a cure of some kind.. Will you succeed or will you fail in the process.. Only one way to find out. ]
[. . . . . Welcome to Facility Of Redemption!]


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- Shift to run
- Ctrl to shiftlock

(OWNER) YokaiAraysh: Map Designer, Asset Artist, Animator, Lore Creator, Scripter, GUI Designer
(DEV) CharaMeL_CLZ: Asset Artist, Builder
(DEV) Rhyskall: Animator

🤝Special Credits:
This game uses hayper1919's Kit:
MINOXX_: Abyssal OST
Tborg: Car models, Helltaker emote + NPC

The concept of the game was inspired by something else but i will not leak the name of it for reasons
Creator: DragonSnow


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