Update 5! - New UGC Item, 10G Satelite!

Welcome to "Beatland" by Telekom Electronic Beats, a safe space for diverse communities to experience music culture.
🌟Complete the Tower Obby Challenge to earn the Jetpack 🚀
🌟Purchase the Electronic Beats Speaker Wings in the Record store✈️
🌟Purchase the 5G Jet Helmet in the Record Store🎩
🌟Purchase the 10G Satelite in the Record store 🛰️
👨💼 Take jobs with your friends and earn Beatcoins to purchase free items! 
🎵 Dance and listen to new music
💰Collect Beatcoins to get free items
👜 Equip your avatar with exclusive fashion, art or accessories
🎨🎬 Explore 3D Art by Jack Sachs or watch movies by Haein Kim and Aleksandra Bokova


There are currently no running experiences.