Welcome to "Beatland" by Telekom Electronic Beats, a safe space for diverse communities to experience music culture. 

Explore different music locations, take a job in the music scene and earn „Beatcoins“ to unlock exclusive Verch for your Avatar. Meet and work with friends, dance to music, explore 3D art or watch short films.

Highlight Concert! - Boris Brejcha live show on April 22nd 7pm CET, Replaying hourly all weekend until April 24th. He will play two different 20 minute DJ sets every hour alternately. 

👨💼 Work with your friends as a Bouncer, Record Store Manager or Advertiser and to get a total of 6 free items!

🎵 Dance and listen to new music

💰 Take part in the Scavenger Hunt or collect Beatcoins to get free items

👜 Equip your avatar with exclusive fashion, art or accessories

🎨🎬 Explore 3D Art by Jack Sachs or watch movies by Haein Kim and Aleksandra Bokova 

More coming follow to get informed about the latest updates!


There are currently no running experiences.