• Over more than 4 diff Real life Chassis(OTK,CRG,KR) and liveries!
• Different class of Karts Specs!
• 7 Different Real Life Tracks + 2 Coming soon!
• Challenge different players online to races!
• Join a team and race on the Official Karting League!

KF1 Karting is an action-packed racing game that allows players to compete against each other in high-speed kart races. The game features a variety of Real life tracks, each with its own unique challenges and obstacles, as well as a range of Real Life kart chassis! Unlock new karts and upgrades as you drive!

Developed by: KF1 KARTING CLUB
*We are in no way affiliated to the actual KF1 Karting Company*

• Game still in BETA Development, expect Bugs and Glitches
• Game Requires High CPU and GPU Usage. Do turn graphics down if you are running a low-end PC 
• Game Shutdowns = Game Update!


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