🧠 NPCs have become smart! This is an endings game based around one NPC called Carl. 

🔫 He has always wanted his Freaking gun but it is gone.
❓ But now he has no idea what to do and hes asking if you can help him find the Gun!
⚔️ It's your job to find it and get the Normal ending! 

Six things you can say to Carl;
 "Yes"- Start The Main Game
 "No" - Make Carl sad
"h" - h.
"Speedrun" - speed.
 "Bee" - Summon the Groovy Bee
*Item Endings*
 "Mine Paper" - Only when Has Mine paper In Inventory"
 "No u/Reverse" - Only when Uno card In Inventory
"I got the gun" - Only when Gun In Inventory

Four things you can say to Tangomangle;
try ask him if hes tired or ok
"Hi" - Say Hi
*Item endings*
 "I got only 15 Bobux" - Only when 15 Bobux Is In Inventory
Do not do not insult Tangomangle or he will be mad!

You can ask Asdwz questions and you can ask all the NPCs where the gun is.


There are currently no running experiences.