You've heard of typical Would You Rather, but here it's a little different. In this experience, whatever you choose really happens! What are you waiting for? Come play!

Play with your friends!
Join the group for 2000 free points!

Premium Benefits:
- 1.5x points (stacks with other point multipliers)
- 2000 points
- Premium logo above head
- Premium chat tag

Flight - F (Computer) Y (Controller/Xbox) Fly button (Mobile)
Sprint - Left Shift (Computer) Left Thumbstick (Controller/Xbox) Sprint button (Mobile)

If you have any suggestions for this game please submit it in-game with the Feedback button!

Would You Rather is part of SL Studios.

This game may contain Independent Ads and sponsored content. All Independent Ads, and content in-game, including any sponsored content, have been developed, uploaded, and/or published by the game’s development team. All analytics are collected by our studio. 


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