︱Welcome to Void Script Builder, in order to play the game, your account must be 100 days old or more (excluding VIP servers). 
︱Require permissions are restricted here (excluding VIP servers and Place 2.)
︱In-game tags are purchasable here:
︱Keep in mind that the game strictly follows the Roblox ToS and any violations will result in a ban. 

︱GFX Creators: Anime_Fivers & Cupcake_Tegs!
︱Rules and Updates can be found on our social platforms listed below!

︱Star Glitchers are forbidden in Place 1 as a result of global audios and causes players to lag.
︱The following scripts will automatically ban you as it violates roblox ToS:
  → Clown Van
  → McDonald's script (Map)
  → Re-character script
  → Bad scripts (Inappropriate scripts)
  → Grab Knife

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