This is HCBB 9v9 Practice so if you need to get better than come join and practice your skills so enjoy this Practice thats gonna help you for a real game.
Also for the real games here is the updates:
Scripter: Baumz
Builder/Graphics Artist: Bambiino

Can now Pick Teams at start of games
New Uniform Name/Number customizer
Added Small OnBase Gui which is always visible
Various Bug Fixes
New Stadium Added by CrashAndBurn23, PureWyven, and Andymasters.
During Games the Pitcher can no longer be replaced unless: (Pitcher has given up 4 or more runs or Pitcher did not return to the mound in 15 seconds [timer is visible])
Changes to Batting (possible to make contact on late swings)
Can Fake Throws by Holding down Q

What is still missing:
Stealing (although lead offs are still a thing)
A Catcher
Being able to pick teams at game start.

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