This is the Alpha stage of Prodigy Drift. Feedback is welcome on our media accounts! Please beware bugs may occur.

Thanks for 7 Million visits on the game. Road to 10 Million!

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Prodigy Drift is a realistic drifting game. With only a few cars, you still have the ability to make thousands of different builds and have fun with your friends, while racing, doing tandems or car meets in the pit area! Try every map and car to see which you like the most!

⚠️Lagging? Use the pause menu tab, or the in-game settings menu to disable performance settings!


Recent update:
- New wheels
- Underglow gamepass!
- New spoilers
- New codes

- Hitboxes for Supra on new map

⚠️ To see CONTROLS, click bottom left corner side menu.
⚠️ Any form of exploiting is a permanent ban.


There are currently no running experiences.