Time travel to Samurai Era of Japan, which existed from 12 to 19th century. 
Explore, role-play and learn one of the most exotic cultures in the world. 
Magnificent castle, onsen ryokan hotel, cafe, sushi and tempura stalls, Big Budda, huge shrine,  temple with maze, boats to cruse, yukata, night market, country village, new Japanese nursery rhyme BGMs, etc. are available now!

* Your sales in Open Night Market are done through clothing and gamepass sales, which may take several days to receive. The Robux you receive may be less due to Roblox taxes, etc. Considering nature of the experience, it is preferred you sell items related to traditional Japanese culture. Currently you can claim only one stall at a time. If you want to change the location, click on Unclaim sign behind the stall and then claim another one. The item  list shown can be vertically long and so scroll down if you have many items.

[Control Tips]
Sprint: Shift + W 

*Part of BGMs is provided by Ototama


There are currently no running experiences.