Super Scuffle is a Free-For-All arena fighting game where you can find weapons around the map and fight others!

🚨 Shutdown = Update.

This game is in a BETA state, meaning many things you see right now are not final and are subject to change! Also, if you enjoy playing, please give it a like and share it with a friend. It helps a lot!

CTRL - Camera Lock
Shift - Run
G - Taunt Menu

🐱 PaperKitty/papwn - Creator, Building, Animations, Scripting, Models, Mapping, Textures and Artwork.
☁️ dylfinedas - Building, Mapping, Textures, Artwork, Thumbnail Art.
🦈 NotMakos - Building, Scripting, Modeling, Animations, SFX.
🎃 Tidyen - Misc. Scripting.
🦊 Cadentopia - FE Melee System.
And special thanks to contributors Batter, AltiWyre, Sunko, Jam, BarnacleBot, DD, JaviAlgo, StopIBlue, WetSun and Wil


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