👋🏼 Welcome to Coastal Hotel & Resort! 🏨 
"Your home away from home."

✨ At Coastal, we give you a vacation worth remembering! At our all exclusive tropical island, we provide you with all the services you could ever need. From our pool, to our amazing and extensive food choices we have at our restaurant. We'll give you an experience you won't forget.

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Here at Coastal, we offer a variety of amenities such as: 

💧 Access to our waterslides
🚁 Fly in your own helicopter
🚡 Ziplines around the island
🔑 Our luxury Standard, Premium, & Penthouse Rooms
🏀 Personal basketball court
🏋️‍♀️ Gym & Spa
☕️ Enjoy delicious food and drinks at our restaurant
🌊 Ride through waves on our brand new jetskis
🌞 Watch the sunset on our comfy campgrounds
And much more!

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