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🍈Current fruits: Flame, Phoenix, Gravity, Smoke, Chop, Sand, Dark, Paw, Magma

❓ General Info:
     • Max Level: 500
     • Fruits and books spawn every 30-60 minutes (and despawn every 
       30 minutes)
     • Legendary weapons have a 2% chance to be found in chests
     • Humans(70%), Skypiean(10%), Fishman(10%), Mink(10%)
     • Fighting styles are Combat and Black Leg

RebornNebula, RebornSauce, HolySnow, LordAhdes, Kounzo(GFX)

🔊Sounds are sourced from a majority of open libraries and our sound designers. These can be removed upon legitimate request.🔊


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