A catastrophic event has occurred that summoned countless threats in multiple worlds... but it also brought all the heroes together, and they need your help! 😱
Can you summon the strongest heroes and save these worlds together? 👊

✨Collect powerful, unique characters to help you fight!
⚔️Lead a team of anime units to defend against waves of enemies, tower defense style! 
💪Level up your units to unlock amazing abilities and build your own unique squad!

Update 5.6: New Raid - Android Attack! 🤖 
- A new raid has opened! Stop the androids from taking over West City!
- Collect new units from the raid and obtain their unique evolutions!
- Team up with other players to defend the city together! Are you up for the task?

Update 5.5: Magic Town - Heavenly Invasion! 🌠
- A new event has appeared! Take on the challenge with friends for exclusive rewards!
- New limited-time event units!
- Earn enough materials to evolve a special limited unit into one of three unique forms!


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