This game is in Alpha!

This is Fantasy Miner! An Untamed Planet game. You can mine for Magic Crystals to help preserve an enchanted forest. Use Silver to upgrade your equipment and recruit fun companions on your mining journey. We'll be regularly updating this game to bring you new content and implement your suggestions.

Find a bug or have a suggestion? Let us know in our group's server! Details on the group page.

Click the Backpack icon to open your inventory and equip a pickaxe or rucksack.
Q or Tap the Pickaxe Button to equip your Pickaxe.
Left Click or Tap & Hold the screen to start mining.

- Your Rucksack determines your carry limit
- Talk to the Upgrade Shop Gnome and use Silver to buy upgrades for your Pickaxe and your Rucksack
- Get Silver from Treasure Chests or by giving your Crystals to the Forest Keeper
- Gain Experience as you give Crystals to the Forest Keeper. Experience grants you rewards and boosts.


There are currently no running experiences.