[v1.3] Welcome to Crʚydon – the immersive London transport game you've all been waiting for!
Drive a fleet of over 50 of Roblox's highest quality buses on the streets of London. You can choose to play as a driver and experience the thrills of driving in the city, or create and operate your own fully-fledged bus company! 

- Featuring London's diverse and adaptive outdoor environment, packed with ambient sounds, music, a 1:1 map and more! 
- Realistic, dynamic vehicle sounds across the entire fleet 
- Choose from a large selection of buses from 4 real-life bus operators, or drive in one of Crʚydon's companies 
- Explore Crʚydon's tram network with fully interactive and accurate trams 
- Drive a car, and taxi people from location to location in a moving London world 
- Race with your friends around the streets of London or on a race track 
- Create your own bus company, customise your vehicles, create routes, timetables and more, and compete against others to come out on top!


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