Welcome to Babybel Land, a brand new world to explore 😎 

To play this simulator game you should be at least 13 years old or with parents supervision

You are about to set foot in the home of all Babybel heroes: the true Land of Goodness. A place where what is good is the rule: a world of harmony, surrounded by waterfalls of milk, peaceful forests and beautiful mountains... But a curse threatens this harmony! It's up to you to fight the corruption with the help of all the Babybel heroes. 
•        🤠 Explore the different kingdoms of Babybel Land and improve your characters for the next adventure.
•        💪 Fight the curse that corrupts nature and brings goodness back to Babybel Land.
•        🌵The desert of cereals, the jungle of fruits... Other worlds will be revealed soon to complete your collection

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