⚠️ This game is in its VERY early stages. 
Some updates may result in data loss as we work on the game and add/change features.
⚠️THIS GAME CONTAINS STROBES/FLASHING LIGHTING! ⚠️Please play at your own risk and avoid playing if you have photosensitivity! There is an option to disable the flashing lights and particles in-game. 

Welcome to Club Cascade! 🌊
⭐Join the group for a LIMITED TIME Early Supporter in-game rank!⭐

Thank you for your support and for checking us out! We are trying to update this game frequently with new things so stay a while? 👀
Be sure to explore the new outside area with the Arcade and the Cafe! More shops and areas coming soon 💖

This project started as a build practice showcase but now we're taking it a few steps further ;)
Developed by f1zxyy and r3generat3
Est 2020 🎆


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