💜🍇 ♡ Enjoy the new Wisteria Bloom Update! ♡ 🍇💜

♡ - SPRING SHOP Available now for a limited time! 

  Update Log: 03/21/2023

  ♡- New "Sacred Tree" Quest
  ♡- New "Daily Login" System
  ♡- 5 New Sets;
  ♡- 7+ Accessories
  ♡- 10+ Hairstyles 
  --> See Full Update Log In the game shop.

☆°• Welcome to Royalty Kingdom 2! Dress up with lots of accessory options, explore the city island by driving cars, try minigames to win money and buy sets, compylete quests to win rare and special items, discover magical and scary secrets and take pictures with friends!

🖌️Game icon & Banner: @izzyxrts @BongoLad @kamsroyale & RK2 Players
🎀Pink Starter dummy Robe made by: @Grottypuff 

❣  Tags (Ignore): fashion, dress up, city, roleplay, sets, fantasy, royalty, kingdom, royalty kingdom 2, realms, magic, hangout, rp, rpg, town, style, fantasy, skirt, heels, shoes, hairs, hairstyles, makeup, park, beach, outfits, island, cars, gala, events, spring, walk, y2k, trend, music, trees


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