Most recent releases (Friday March 19)
- Boss drops full outfit set (wear all pieces for additional boost)
- New main storyline quest
Big update coming next

Roblox's new legendary open world Dragon Ball inspired game (2023)

Massive new update out (Jan 27):
- New name: Dragon Soul
- New map
- 30 new quests
- New world boss
- 3 new moves (boss drops)
- Smarter NPC AI
- +5% XP for every friend in-game
- New 50k likes code ('dragonsoul')
- MAX level raised to 800!

THIS GAME IS STILL IN DEMO (20% ready for release)! 

- M to open menu
- E to lock on a target
- R to transform / hold R to de-transform
- Click to punch
- C to charge ki
- F to block attacks
- Double space to fly (shift to fly faster, control to descend)
- V to ki blast
- Press Q after using moves to teleport behind your target 

Eat sleep Dragon Soul repeat


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