Welcome to City Trials! Compete in various challenges against other challengers throughout the cities and become the best competitor out there!

Update Log for v0.178a — The higher, the newer:
+ The lobby has been touched up.
- Deleted the ragdoll system that was applied on death, due to it not working anymore.

This game was in a very early stage of alpha before being cancelled. It is mostly built on the backbone of free models, but it is enjoyable to look back on with the purpose of nostalgia.

If any bugs are found, please PM one of the following people: @Serkisx, @BunnyPuggeh or @Captain_McTuz. Although I wouldn't recommend PM'ing any of us as the project has been long cancelled.

Project started on the: 20/05/2017
Project cancelled on the: 26/10/2021


There are currently no running experiences.